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Mommy, Who Is Our Mystery Daddy?

Violet Larkspur

chapter 1

"The doctor has told me everything. You're pregnant!" Bella's world came crashing down as she heard her father’s words. “No! That’s not true! I am still a virgin. How could I be pregnant?” Bella never had sex with any man! How could she stand such a ridiculous conclusion from the doctor? She had to defend herself. But no one believed her, and her father started pressing her about who was that man? "Your fiance Andy staying abroad all the time. It's impossible for the baby to be his. So, who is the father of the baby in your belly?" “No! I told you! I did not do it!” Bella cried and stammered, but her words were met with another brutal slap from her father very soon. And her stepmother and stepsister have started to sneer at her. "Oh Jesus, how dare this fat ugly pig cheat on Andy? I feel so sorry for him to have such a stupid fiancée.” "Andy does not like her at all. I bet once he knows her scandal, he will definitely withdraw the engagement from her." "Abortion is forbidden in our religion, so she had to give birth to this child. Then her scandal will be known throughout the city soon." Andy Gray, Bella's fiancé, was the heir to the top wealthy Gray family. Due to some mysterious reason, Andy’s grandfather wanted Andy to marry Bella. But Andy did not like Bella at all, and he often teased Bella with the others. Bella thought that once news of her pregnancy scandal spread, Andy would be eager to break off the engagement with her. But surprisingly, he did not show up until five months later. "So, are you here to break off the engagement?" In the study, Bella's father cautiously asked Andy. "Shit! My grandfather still doesn't agree!" Andy was very angry when he knew Bella’s scandal, especially that Bella has to give birth to the baby. He was sure that as Bella’s Fiancé, he had already been the laughing stock of the whole city. Thus he strongly request an annulment with Bella. But again his request was refused by his grandfather. In the Gray family, his grandfather is the de facto ruler. In order to get the family's vast wealth, he must do what his grandfather wants him to do, including getting engaged to Bella. "Bella is a stupid pig! Ugly, stupid and fat! How dare she run off and fool around with wild men after being engaged to me? Now everyone is laughing at me. I'll get back at her!" Bella's father valued her marriage to the Gray family very much. Thus once he heard Andy’s request, he immediately assured seriously, "Andy, don't worry, I will send away Bella's baby as soon as it is born. That way she'll never see her baby and must be in great pain." Bella had been sitting in the corner of the study room and listening to Andy and her father’s curse to her quietly for a long time. But upon hearing her father's suggestion to give away her baby, she immediately looked up in horror and spoke out against loudly. "No!" She couldn't believe it. This baby had already become a part of her, feeling its heartbeat for these past few months. She couldn't bear to part with him. "No! You can't do this to me, you can't do this to my baby, I can break off the engagement! Dad, let's go to the Gray's and break off the engagement! I'll raise the baby myself, it’s not a burden..." Bella pleaded, kneeling before her father. But before she could finish, Jaden coldly brushed off her hand and left the room with Andy, ignoring her pleas. No one cared about Bella who fell to the ground. A sudden sharp pain in her belly—she was about to give birth!
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