Chosen For The War God In Isolation
Chosen For The War God In Isolation
Fantasy | Completed | Chapter 23
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Fated Love
After the war that took place, the god of war, who is known for winning any battle fought, went into isolation after he ended up with anger killing the most important person in his life, his sister, to stop the range in him from unleashing his might on some innocent people. He never had the intention of harming anyone, but a powerful god that can manipulate the mind was able to use him in unleashing his anger; everyone despises him for trying to take innocent life instead of fighting for them; his sister paid the sacrifice just for him to get back his self and to block the manipulative god from his mind. He has been in isolation for year's, and everyone thought he was dead and slowly forgot about him being their war god. The Manipulative god is still searching for the War god chosen bride who can bring him out of the place no one knew about finishing his task and killing the bride in the process.
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