The Exclusive Sex Worker
The Exclusive Sex Worker
Young Adult | Completed | Chapter 56
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She was out of options, she needed something, she needed to do something - she needed money so she agreed to work in a sêx house, as a sêx worker. She joined the house and started her first training on how to be a perfect sexy girl, how to make a man go crazy with just a touch. But then, something happened along the line in the sex club house, she met the most powerful, cold,never smiling CEO last prince. She didn't just meet him because she wanted to, but, because he ordered for her service, for her to serve him, pleasure him whenever he needed her. She didn't have a choice, she had to do it. The pay was too high, no normal lady would ever refuse him, no one at all. So, she started her job on how to pleasure and please the prince until he was no longer in need of her service. Her name is pink......!
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