Beautifully Unfinished...
Beautifully Unfinished...
Billionaire | Completed | Chapter 71
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Fated Love
Forgiveness/Second Chance
Sweet Love
After a night of heavy drinking in L.A, Miranda finds herself waking up completely naked beside the world famous Satellite Patrol lead vocalist, Hugo Saintclare. She wakes up with no memories on how she ended up having sex with the handsome crooner. Realizing that she gave up her virginity to the charming vocalist, she felt ashamed of herself for things that she doesn’t know what she could have done with Hugo during their steamy and drunken one night stand. Out of embarrassment and the blurry details, she tried to push it out of her head by moving on and never told anyone. Seven years later, fate plays with her and Hugo, they end up meeting each other again. Knowing how things ended when she left seven years ago, she was scared of the possible changes this will cause in her life together with Benedict. Will there be a second chance for something they had or will it remain as something that is beautifully unfinished? "One steamy night full of lust. One mistake never expected."
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