Mated To A Monster
Mated To A Monster
Mystery | Ongoing | Chapter 15
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"It's time to settle down for business. In other words, you understand my needs. Let me know exactly what it is you want now. Dosh? Secrecy? What?" For a long while, she just stared into his soulless eyes, unable to find the right words. At long last, she mumbled, "You." And Autumn noticed a glimmer in his nocturnal eyes for the first time. The curse that doomed the family to an eternity of bloodthirst was cast long ago. For untold centuries, they were destined to transform into wild animals at night, becoming lethal black beasts driven by a raging fever and an insatiable thirst. Autumn Herrera was the last woman in her family line, and there was only one chance to save her sick mother and break the curse. She had to have a child with the son of the man who caused her family's unending suffering, that was Hunter Morrison—a man out for revenge for the death of his father. But how can Autumn persuade Hunter Morrison to mate with her? Autumn also knew there was another of her kind out there hell-bent on destroying her plans. He'd do anything to win Autumn's love and fulfill his desperate yearning to start a new beasts generation. Can she still succeed in breaking the curse if one of her kind is determined to prevent her from doing so?
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