Hard Hearted
Hard Hearted
Other | Ongoing | Chapter 20
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Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
"I am not a whore. And who fucking marries for money? I guess you should find someone else to play around with, who would accept your offers and your money. We are done sir you may leave." I went to open the door for him. Before I could reach the door he caught my arm and pressed me to the door. A sting of pain rushed down to my arm. I tried to hit him with my free hand but it was all in vain. He was too strong. He leaned down, his face near my ears "No one has ever dared to refuse my order. If you don't sign the damn contract I will make sure you pay for it dearly." He slowly said each word in my ears. A shiver ran down my body. He turned me so that i was facing him. "Do you think I am afraid? Do whatever you wish to. My answer would still be no." I tried moving again, trying to set myself free. All my efforts were still in vain. It was as if I was boxing with a wall. " don't you think I have wishes? I have a right to choose who I want to marry. "
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