True Love
True Love
New Adult | Completed | Chapter 151
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Forced Love
Forbidden Love
Abuse/Painful Love
Four true love stories featuring not-quite-human men and their passionate companions. TYGER She doesn't want to trust a man ever again. He promised himself never to develop feelings for a female. However, everything changes when Emily and Tyger's lives intersect. She is immediately fascinated by the male Hybrid who can no longer keep his hands off her, he is addicted to her scent and taste. When an incident happens, the thought that he may never see her again puts everything to waste, his convictions and promises are no longer relevant and he can no longer see or maintain himself without his Emy around. HOOK Abbie is on the run from her worst nightmare when she crosses paths with a Hybrid in need of help. She does it without hesitation even though he's bossy, rude, impatient and... the sexiest, most exotic being she's ever seen in her entire life. The attraction to him is immediate, but Hook is willing to keep a great physical and emotional distance from her as he hates all human beings and has his reasons. Abbie is sweet and delicate, and Hook is not going to take it easy being attracted to a human whose race he despises and will do everything in her power to stay away from her. But how long will he be able to control her instincts?
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