A Love Story Of Hate
A Love Story Of Hate
Mystery | Completed | Chapter 65
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Mystery Solving
Enemies to Lovers
Abuse/Painful Love
Forgiveness/Second Chance
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
Special Forces
I am madly in love with him, a while before I decided to confess what I fell for him… I love him so much that I can die for him. And you know what I am dying not for him.. but because of him. He is pointing his gun toward me. At the center of my forehead. I am in shock. Everything has changed a couple of time. The person with whom I wanted to spend my whole life, wants to kill me. I am speechless, I don't know what to say , I am staring at him with teary eyes asking him why he did this to me.. To which he replies.. "I HATE YOU" . I don't know how to react. As soon as I respond a bullet strikes me. I fell on the ground whispering my last words "I LOVE YOU SID" . But wait.. This is not ending.. It's just the beginning of our story. A love story of hate..
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