Lusted After You
Lusted After You
Dark Romance | Ongoing | Chapter 22
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Love Triangle
Forbidden Love
"I want you," Marco whispered. His breath tickled my ear. His right hand slid up my back. "I want every inch of you, every breath you take, and every voice you utter my name. Answer me, do you want me too?" My hands moved to the straps of the dress on my shoulders, untying them until the fabric fell to the floor. "I'll say your name all night long." *** I used to get annoyed when I had to be a delivery girl for my best friend. However, I never knew before that something would happen when I delivered her files. A man suddenly kissed me, a stranger, so alluring that it made me think of him all the time. The scent of his body, his heavy voice when saying thank you, everything about him drove me crazy. Unfortunately, he seemed to want to get away from me. He was avoiding me. He told me that I should forget him, that we should never meet again, that he was a dangerous man. But could I?
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