Just Another Roomie
Just Another Roomie
New Adult | Completed | Chapter 111
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Kickass Heroine
After my world came crashing down - read between the lines, lost my job, my land lord threw me out, my purse was stolen...- I accepted my best friends idea. To move in with her brother. Clichee right? Let me tell you. It gets worse. We hated each other since like...Forever? But suddenly there is this other side of me that finds his good qualities he always managed to hide. Days pass but attraction grows stronger. Now should I fight the chemistry or surrender myself to playboy enemy? ******** I don't want her in my home. She hates me since the day we met. But what other choice do I have since my sister allowed her to use her bedroom while she gets back on her feet. But as much as I try to keep my distance from her, I can't. There is something about this girl that pulls me closer. The more she fights our chemistry, the more I want to show her how good we can be. Will she be able to change a well known playboy, or will our chemistry burn to dust?
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