The Assassin Gamer
The Assassin Gamer
System | Ongoing | Chapter 39
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Invincible Warrior
Noctis Ashima is a former high earning marketer who gets sucked into a game dimension after his brother's death. His father called on him to be his brother's replacement and avenge his brother's death. He happens to be a pro gamer, just like his elder brother. He's also equipped with powerful weapons, and given elite status right from the start by his father through customizer cheat codes his father inserted in the game. He'll have to succeed in trials and fierce fights in order to win the game. To further complicate things, he gets involved in romantic relationships with many female players. He'll also gain allies in the game, who'll help him progress, while at the same time help him plot moves to cause those who betrayed his brother to permanently get eliminated from the game. His father also does his part, and gives a lending hand. The game is even made more chaotic as players can permanently kill each other in-game, and there are two factions of Game Administrators who struggle for control of the entire game. Will he finally beat the game, or will he make the same mistakes that his brother did? Will he get to see the game end, or will the game end him the moment he makes the same mistakes his brother did? Will he be able to reach the final part of the game, and get to confront the game creator himself? Or will the complex and chaotic game, RPG Fantasia, end him?
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