Partner In Crime.
Partner In Crime.
Blossom Hearts
Crime | Ongoing | Chapter 14
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Mystery Solving
Kickass Heroine
Amabella Soriano is a famous detective in the Homicide Department of a police station. She is a one of a kind detective that solve each cases she handled, not until she met Christopher Ramirez. Christopher Ramirez is the primary suspect of the new case that Amabella will handle. All the evidence located in the crime scene are all pointing to him, but he denies that he is the one who killed the victim. Amabella will be too curious about this case because of the strong plead of the suspect that he is not the one who killed the victim. As Amabella go back to the crime scene, she will discover something that will surely change the complexion of the case. Because of that, she will be partner with Christopher, and they will try to resolve the mystery of the said case. The real question is Christopher innocent or for the first time in Amabella’s career, she will be wronged. Above all, is there a chance that they will be partner in life in the future, if they are currently PARTNER IN CRIME?
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