Sold To The Heartless Billionaire
Sold To The Heartless Billionaire
Erotica | Completed | Chapter 71
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Forced Love
Love Triangle
Weak to Strong
WARNING!! This book contain high sexual content and abuse!!!! " I am your boss now and your body belongs to me", Conner grip her by the hair and pulled her down to the bed. Angelina hissed in pain and held his hands from pulling her hair off her scarp,"Don't do this, stop", She whinned in pain. Conner ignored her and smatched his lips on hers. Angelina bite him and slapped him. "Stop it", She pulled out of his grip as he let loose of her. Conner licked his lips as he noticed the blood trickling out of his lip. He wiped it off with his hand and gaze at it before gazing up at her. She was squeezing her body against the wall, trying to protest herself from him. " I will teach you a lesson", Conner took off his belt and threw it away. He grabbed her arm and pulled her from the wall. "Let me go", Angelina screamed. Conner forced her to the bed and sat on her, he pinned her two hands on the bed and rip off her dress. Follow the life of Lona and find out how she escaped from the hands of the billionaire monster.
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