The Untamed Alpha King And His Reluctant Pawn
The Untamed Alpha King And His Reluctant Pawn
Red Halo
Erotica | Ongoing | Chapter 84
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Enemies to Lovers
Campus Love
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
Isadora warped her legs around Vincent's waist, trapping him with her. The strength of what was building was staggering and it edged dangerously closer with every thrust. The high was torturous. If he stopped, she'd cry. Cry, and beg. And maybe kill… "Vincent!~" Isadora cried out in ecstasy. *** Lance Martinez Pedro, is a Don dominating the world of Mafia's. A ruthless genius with an unshakeable empire and a madman with a history of having the peculiar habit of using humans, particularly young children as lab rats to test out his top projects. In one of his causal exploits, Vincent Antonio Fernandez, the son of a powerful neighbor Mafia, got to be one of the victims and the most used material for his experiments as his body was the most compatible. Night and day, these children had to suffer greatly… gradually losing their minds and humanity… in most cases ultimately into addiction. More than a decade later, Vincent is a free man, managing his own Mafia empire, his Influence heavily pressuring others and he is obsessed with getting revenge. Robbed of that opportunity, things take an ugly turn as he discovers his captor had a daughter, hidden in the country. She was manipulative, unrepentant, … She was all he hated. Getting her in his presence, he loathed her in an instant. He swore she would pay for her father's atrocities…. the pain he inflicted, the young lives he took… She shall inherit them all!
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