My Greedy Father Sold Me Off To A Ruthless Drug Lord
My Greedy Father Sold Me Off To A Ruthless Drug Lord
Mafia | Completed | Chapter 298
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Forced Love
Abuse/Painful Love
Warning: Matured Content 18+ You do not want me to repeat myself, now strip.” She tried to stop me from touching her, but I only end up hitting her in the face because I can no longer control myself. I forcefully rip off her dress and begin to touch her everywhere and damn, she tastes so exquisite. She is so fucking tight, making me slam in forcefully so that she can feel my whole. Who keeps her virginity at this age? I wanted to please her as well, but I can't help but pleasure myself seeing how tight she is, making me slam so hard and harder every time. Once I was done, I order her to get out. She would learn to fear me that way After being sold of to a wealthy ruthless and heartless billionaire. Lila became the shadow of herself as she was constantly humiliated by her so called husband who finds nothing wrong in letting another man on top of his wife. Lila was never loved by her family nor husband. what would happen when her husband let another man taste his wife? what will happen when Lila realized her husbands friend whom she hated just had her?
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