Yearning For The Badboy Mafia's Love
Yearning For The Badboy Mafia's Love
Authoress Berry Julie
Mafia | Completed | Chapter 131
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Calista Raymonds stood and watch her parents begging this cold looking man who just looks like he didn't care. Learning that the man before her is the popular Chase Draven Gotti, the second son of John Gotti, a well known Mafia family in Russia, Calista knew she stands no chance of escaping from him. Her parents are helpless, and the only way she can prevent her family from getting hurt is accepting whatever it is Chase wants. It's been just some months living with this Mafia, but Calista sees herself falling helplessly in love with him. But Chase wasn't ready to return the love.. not yet, maybe because he sees her as nothing but his slave. But Calista yearns for his love every single day. Things get more heated while Calista realizes everything she had grown up to believe , are all lies. She have been living in lies! The people is called "Family" are just strangers to her. Somehow, Calista is special. And every Mafia group is after her!
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