Fatal Kiss Of The Vampire
Fatal Kiss Of The Vampire
Fantasy | Completed | Chapter 547
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Contract Marriage
Love After Marriage
Love Triangle
Kickass Heroine
Ten years ago, hybrid alpha-vampire Ethan Parker met a girl on the darkest day of his life. She gave him hope that he could live on. When they met again, he was strong enough to do anything for her, but she didn't seem to remember him... Kylie Finch is a b-list actress after witnessing her mother die, being kicked out of the house by her father, and being betrayed by the man she loved for five years. She learned that she could only survive if she became stronger and stronger. When her life gets into trouble again, a strange man comes into her life and asks her to marry him. She has no choice but to say yes to survive. But Kylie discovers that her strange husband seems to be hiding many secrets...
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