The Billionaire's Forbidden Want: Choosing Between Love And Duty
The Billionaire's Forbidden Want: Choosing Between Love And Duty
Josephine Ivy
BL | Completed | Chapter 236
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Forbidden Love
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
Popular Boy
“Are you sure that's the only thing you want? For me to fuck you until you can’t think of whatever that’s bothering you anymore?” He murmured against my throat and I nodded my head immediately, biting back a moan when he bit the side of my neck. “Yeah, that’s what I want.” I stuttered out a response as I tried to stop my heart beat from racing to no avail. ——— Nate is a smoking hot billionaire who was brought up to take over from his father, get a wife and produce grandchildren. But, Nate was completely gay and also closeted, which made him learn how to put out a facade for the limelight. Suddenly expected to get married to the daughter of his father’s friend– for the sake of the company, Nate got thrown in a tight, uncomfortable corner— not only because he wasn’t attracted to women at all, but because he had unexpectedly began to fall in love with a man, that shockingly turned out to be the older brother of the woman he was expected to get married to.
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