The Alpha's Battered Luna
The Alpha's Battered Luna
Werewolf | Completed | Chapter 148
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"What?" I moaned, trying to ignore the burning sensation on my body. "You" he whispered against my skin. "the way you shiver under my touch" he pressed further into my body. "The way you moan out my name" I felt him kiss the back of my ears. "Your scars" I felt him trail his tongue along the scar on my left shoulder. "Every little and fucking big thing about you,princess" he cooed, while kissing my collarbone, and if hearing all that he said didn't heat me up, his touch definitely jumpstarted me, and once again, I was a dignified burning mess for him. _____ Maya wanted nothing but peace and for all of the bullying to stop. She had a wish for the moon goddess, too, to meet her parents and ask why she was abandoned at birth. Maya was dumped at birth to a pack who had no idea who her parents were; She was raised in the monastery by the nuns who worshipped something else instead of the moon goddess. When the Alpha dies in war, things take a dark turn for everyone in the monastery, including Maya. The bullying started, and it became intense when Maya clocked twenty. An attempt to escape from her pack delivers her into the Royal Pack and straight into her mate's hands. Maybe Maya would be able to find happiness at last and freedom too. One can't be too sure with figures from the past and some little spirits who wouldn't let her go. One thing is certain for Maya; things are about to get real messy.
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