Stand Still, Don't Run Away, My Little Wife
Stand Still, Don't Run Away, My Little Wife
Fantasy | Completed | Chapter 265
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Demi was seven years old when she entered the Macaulay family. Her mother died from disease and her father was shot dead. And the man who adopted her was the same one who put her father in prison.She has been sick for the past ten years. Raymond, however, loved her illness because it would make her unable to leave him.The night of adulthood, he gave himself to her as a gift.The little girl unbuttoned the man’s shirt with trembling fingers.From the beginning, she was a bird in a cage of Raymond, not daring to think about freedom.On the day of his wedding, she stood on the stairs and told him every word clearly --“Uncle Macaulay, I want to live a normal life now.“But that man laughed back softly.“Demi, you forgot to take your medicine again.“It turned out that she was just a patient, and he had never been her doctor.
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