My Arrogant Billionaire Husband
My Arrogant Billionaire Husband
Billionaire | Ongoing | Chapter 110
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Forced Love
Enemies to Lovers
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
"Don't you have any idea of who I am and what I can do to you?" He asked, clearly boiling in rage. "Well I do not care who you are and neither do I care to know." She answered him, adding to his anger. "Oh really?" Annoyance was clearly written all over his face. She humiliated him and even dared to compare his looks to others. Ethan was always used to having girls chase after him but this barmaid didn't even want to look at his face. The most torturing part of all this, was that she looked so seductively hot, that he couldn't stop himself. "I will have to make you care then," he said, and without warning, he lustfully placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer to himself. Ethan Moore a rich billionaire tricks an ordinary barmaid into marrying him, read to find out what happens....
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