Healing The Ruthless Alpha
Healing The Ruthless Alpha
Werewolf | Completed | Chapter 110
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Weak to Strong/Poor to Rich
Abuse/Painful Love
Fated Love
Forgiveness/Second Chance
A ruthless alpha. A gifted omega. A burning passion. For taking her mother’s life during childbirth, Sihana is condemned to be hated all her life. Desperate to be loved, she works hard to please her pack and prove her worth but ends up a pseudo-slave to them. The bitter experience of being mated to her bully who promptly rejects her puts her off mating but the goddess gives her a second chance mate in the person of Alpha Cahir Armani. The Alpha of the strongest pack in the world, Cahir Armani has a reputation for being bloodthirsty, cold and cruel. Cahir is ruthless, a man who kills without remorse, laughs without humor and takes without asking. What no one knows is that underneath his bloody armor is a scarred man. Cahir has no place for a mate in his life but the goddess throws Sihana his way. Although he sees no use for a mate, he can’t resist the pull of the mate bond any more than he can resist Sia’s seductive curves. Kissed by the goddess and gifted healing abilities, she becomes a treasure her ex-mate and his pack refuse to let go of but who can stop a man like Cahir from claiming his mate? Can Cahir learn to love and can Sia heal his wounds? Will a relationship between two broken people work or are they better off without each other?
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