Intense Feelings
Intense Feelings
BL | Completed | Chapter 67
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Friends to Lovers
He thought he was Married to the girl of his dream, until things started to go wrong. To overcome this sudden pain,he stumbled upon him, the one person who somehow was a stranger but yet was just to unique to him. All he wanted was to get over his wife, then he had a night stand with him. This is where it all began. *Extract* "There is no way I am you, or I would become you," max shutter, but his voice sounded yet firm with a look of clarity. "Oh I see, why then do I see you fighting to resist me," Andrew said staring deeply into his eyes, as his breath fanned his face... "Because if I was anything like you, then I would have known that a long time ago," he said refraining himself from pushing Andrew off his face, as a look of disgust plaster on his face making Andrew chuckled. "I want to see how long you can fight it, until them, I'll patiently wait for you to beg me to make love to you", he whispered into his ears, as his tongue licked the back of his ears causing him to shutter..
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