Possessive Billionaire
Possessive Billionaire
Young Adult | Completed | Chapter 90
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Love After Marriage
Sweet Love
Enemies to Lovers
Abuse/Painful Love
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
She turned to read, but his voice stopped her. “It has 5 papers, and I don’t want to waste time. I will give a brief explanation and you sign” He announced while taking the papers from her. “You are just bound to obey me and stay with me and do anything I ask you too. By following all my rules. Rules: -First and foremost, you shouldn’t cry. -follow my timetable as I say! - you should have the food which I say and have breakfast and dinner along with me daily and maybe lunch too sometimes. -you should go nowhere without my permission. -never raise your voice or hand in front of me. - I will select your dress. - I will pay every expense of yours including your fee. – I should never hear a ‘No’ - you should accept any punishment if you make any mistake. I will decide punishment in my own way and don’t expect small things as I gave you in school. This going to be a hard way. Rights I’m giving rights too. - you can roam free in this mansion. You can rule this mansion like a queen. Every servant will respect you as equal to me. - you can express anything except a ‘No’ - you can ask me anything In case of any extreme, you can use the safe word we can discuss that word after a few days. But misuse of the safe word is a punishable offense. Remember!! She was frozen in fear for a second. “Sign sweetheart!” He said with a smirk. She flinched back a little in fear. “Will you sign or shall I!” He said in an evil tone. She wiped her tears and made herself strong and took the papers and signed them. “Sign on the last two sheets!” He said with a smirk. She signed all in anger and pushed the file towards him. *** As lost in my dirty thoughts, I heard the shower turned off. I was waiting like a hungry lion to capture my food. She walked out in just a pink towel. Oh my God! My eyes popped out from sockets as I seen the sexiest girl in the world. The princess of my fantasy world. I was rolling on my bed as millions of dirty thoughts are running in my mind. I was totally lost in her dreams. She became my passion, obsession, my time, my food. Nothing is getting inside me beyond her beauty. After all this, I was getting sleep just one more night! She will be mine! I heard that my door got unlocked and it swung open as my passion came walking into my room. I felt like flying in the sky A billionaire falls in love at first sight with a girl who is still in high school. Love is so deep that it makes him continue to pay attention to the girl and do whatever can help him approach her. A rich man with possessive love.
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