Royal Arrangement: The Royal Series Book 1
Royal Arrangement: The Royal Series Book 1
Royal Romance | Completed | Chapter 62
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Abuse/Painful Love
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
“As much as I’d love to paint your ass red, we aren’t doing that...tonight. I’m going to fuck you.” Daniel: I needs a wife and heir if I’m ever to ascend to my rightful place on the throne. Daddy dearest says I’m not mature enough. Well fuck him. I won’t be defeated so easily. Suddenly, the answer to all my problems quite literally barges into my room while I’m wearing only a towel. Little American Annie is Oh so sexy. She is spunky, and loud, and has the mouth of sailor.She’s everything I want. It’s a shame I’ll have to train her to please me and act as a royal should...Nah! Who am I kidding? I’m going to enjoy every minute of it! Annie: I really should’ve knocked. Famous last words. Prince Danial is tall dark and oh so dominant. He gives me an offer I literally can’t refuse (all due to blackmail mind you) and I sign his contract. But Daniel isn’t the type of Prince Charming who’ll whisk me away in a chariot. No. He’s the kind of Prince Charming who enjoys me on my knees before him per his royal decree. He’s cold and cruel one moment, and kind and tender the next. He has my head spinning in a time when I have to focus on being the next Megan Markle! Why did I have to go and barge into that room?
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