My Indian Wife: Love Finds Its Way
My Indian Wife: Love Finds Its Way
Author Anika
Billionaire | Completed | Chapter 282
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Love After Marriage
Fated Love
Forgiveness/Second Chance
Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
Never in her wildest dream did Mishka imagine that her life would be turned upside down as soon as she step into London. “Marry my grandson!” Grandpa Leo’s demand threw her off guard. Marriage was not part of her plan, yet she accepted the offer to marry the hottest eligible bachelor of London, leaving her dreams behind. Christian had everything pictured ahead of time. He planned to propose to his girlfriend right after claiming the position of CEO in the Knight Group, but a woman crashed all his plans. “If you want to take over the position of CEO in Knight Group, then you must marry the girl I have chosen for you!” Grandpa Leo’s firm decision put his future at stake, but Christian quickly came up with a plan. “I want you to sign these papers!” Christian demanded in his deep domineering voice, forwarding the file towards Mishka. “What is this?” She narrowed her eyes, taking the file. “Read and I’ll explain everything,” Christian answered. His cold eyes stared at her, and as soon as Mishka opened the file, her face lost all colour reading the bold letters. "CONTRACT MARRIAGE" Will she give into Christian's demand or her masterstroke will change the dynamics of the trap he set for her? Will love finds its way through the web of lies, deception and mysteries?
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